So I see that there are lots of houses for sale on the housing forum. From what I can tell it's almost impossible to just buy a deed from a carpenter (even a small house) and find a spot to place it. When someone is selling a house and they say e.g. SB deed + 20k or deed + deed, are they asking for a new deed and money (or two deeds I've seen)? So if I made a bid I'd have to have the same deed they have for the house? I'm sure this is simple, but I just can't wrap my head around it. Also, what is the going rate for an average small house near a mountain? Thanks!

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There appear to be several questions here, so I'll attempt to answer them one at a time:

1.- There are many spots for small houses, even along mountains. They might not be ideal, but there are out there. If you need help placing, contact me via IRC and I'll try to help you.

2.- They are asking for money. Since we don't have bank checks here, house deeds are more often used as currency since they can be cashed in for the exact amount they were bought for.

3.- For a bid of "deed + 20k" you'd need a deed of the same kind as the house offered and 20k gps. This all you need to pay to the owner for him to hand over the already placed house. You DON'T need a deed + 20k and then have another deed to replace.

4.- Going rate for a small house near mountains can be anywhere from deed + 10k to deed + deed, depending on location.


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Thank you for your detailed explanations! This is very helpful indeed. Time to start saving gold. =)

(20 Mar '13, 18:56) Nickolad

Please don't spam. Thank you.


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